For Farmers in McLean, Lasalle, Bureau, and Sangamon counties, who want more profits in 2019:

Discover How To Maximize Farm Efficiency The Smart Way...With Comprehensive Crop Performance Insight

Here's the new way to get crop intelligence for higher yields so you can maximize profitability without sacrificing efficiency.

AgMRI crop intelligence system from Intelinair provides comprehensive insights about field conditions and crop health the entire season. It allows you to turn issues into opportunities by making the best management decisions for your farm to help improve yields, profits and your efficiency.

Our 2019 mission is to maximize the output for farmers in McLean, Lasalle, Bureau, and Sangamon counties. Our goal is for farmers like you to finally be able to see and get actionable insight in your operation so you can increase the performance of your crop and get higher yields.

AgMRI gives you:

  • Receive Smart Alerts on your cell phone as issues arise in the field.
  • Review field conditions across your farm through the entire season, from an intuitive app.
  • Determine weed control priorities and ID outbreaks.
  • Spend significantly less time scouting.
  • Enhance nutrient, disease and insect management.
  • Optimize planting and harvest decisions.
  • And so much more.

Get The Intelligence You Need Right Now...

Request to speak to a local representative in your county and learn how your growth operation can benefit from AgMRI for this 2019 season.

Did you know that on average, using AgMRI alerts & analysis, growers achieved $30.61/acre ROI?

How Do We Do It?

AgMRI uses artificial intelligence and farm-verified algorithms to analyze high-resolution imagery and delivers detailed full-season, whole-farm crop performance insights via Smart Alerts and on an intuitive app. We conduct flights throughout the season to capture the imagery so you always have up-to-date information about your field conditions.